Fujikura Parachute Co.,Ltd has been a sole parachute manufacturer in Japan with our exclusive technology and has also developed many other life support equipment since our foundation in 1939. We force ourselves to the mission to secure 100% of safety at any time because of our products’ obligations to protect human lives.

Life Preserver

【For Commercial Use】
Life preservers made to the regulations Japan MILT requires. It provides safety in various scenes as engineering work on the coast, fishing operations, disaster preventions, and leisure.

Special Suits

By applying our own methods accumulated by many of our previous developments we are able to analyze the human body measurements medically and ergonomically, and have been successful to supply many special suits systems as Thermal Suits, Water Proof Suits and Anti-G suits developed for each individual’s wear comfort and steady missions.


We develop Equipment for space observation, Rescue Sling, Rack anchor, Anti chemical suits, Super soft landing and more.