Anti Chemical Suit

  • For chemical decontamination procedures.
  • Many order histories from various rescue teams.
  • Please contactShigematsu Works Co., Ltdfor more details.

Super Soft Landing

  • It absorbs shocks when survivors are rescued from high places up to 15m above the ground. 
  • The unit can be fold and is easy to carry and store.
  • Applicable to heights of 15m or less, and a weight of 120kg or less.
  • Please contact Shigematsu Works Co., Ltd. for more details.

Para Balloon

  • Recreational product used for kids activities as a sports day.
  • Has been delivered to kindergartens, sports days, and gyms in many parts of Japan.
  • Please contact Sas Sports Product Co, Ltd for more details.

Droppable self-inflated platform FIRST-3 / FIRST-5

  • It can be dropped from airplanes or helicopters.
  • A parachute opens after the drop to prevent the unit from having damages when it lands on water.
  • It inflates automatically after the water landing.
  • Model “FIRST-3” is for 3 people, and model “FIRST-5” is for 5 people.

Droppable SAR-Container

  • It can be dropped from airplanes or helicopters for SAR procedures.
  • A life raft and rescue equipment are stored in the container.

Cable Weight Cover

  • It covers up the hook located at the tip of helicopter cable and prevents survivors from being injured during the rescue procedure.
  • Please contact us for any modification requests.

Helicopter Floor Water-Proof Mat

  • Used when a survivor is pulled up to the helicopter from the ocean.
  • The unit can be fold and is easy to carry.
  • Please contact us for any modification requests.
  • Side sections stand automatically with airflow.

Shock Absorber Safety Airbag

  • It protects workers from a car crashing into the location.
  • It consists of 3 separate air chambers.
  • Number of chamber can be changed as needed.

Safety Band For Aircraft

Safety band for aircraft operations

  • Easy to attach and detach.
  • It can be used for various aircraft types with an adjustable snap band.
  • Applicable to many different body types with adjusters on chest and waist.